Monday, July 19, 2010

2010 Canada Wonderland

hey hey hey... guys!!!!!

Finally i have time to upload my works (caricatures from Canada Wonderland).

This is my first season in Wonderland!!

I just have so much fun, & i really like this job!!!!

p.s. these two weeks are really hot, and humid which make me sick!!!

lol... any way, hope you guys like my stuff !!!!

love ya!!!

i love the color of this drawing a lot. What do you think, guys!?

i love this one so much, he's just so emotionless. he remind me my classmate kyle!!! lol....

The first demo which the customers' cousins love and laugh so hard, so everybody contribute $5 to buy the drawing for him!!! The little icons i did for his lovely cousins for memory!!

I have to practice more vehicles from now on!!

The first drawing i love so much, so does my customer. She's a writer, and she said she would put my caricature drawing as the author's information page, when her book is published. Thanks!!!